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Yearbook 2015: call for submissions

Ways to Teach Ways to Learn

The Yearbook is a project we are fond of at Horizons University: it allows all contributors – students, alumni and faculty members –  to speak up and share their academic and professional experiences while acting as a repository of the institution’s life every single year.

In a few months, Horizons University will publish the 2015 Yearbook. Each year, students, alumni and faculty members are encouraged to contribute to the writing and this year is no exception.

The 2015 theme is: “Ways to teach, ways to learn”.

We would like to know more about YOUR ways! How do you see teaching and/or learning? Is there only one way? What would you like to see implemented in our teaching approach? How do you think you can improve your learning experience? Why did you choose on-campus/online studies? Any useful and practical tips you would like to share with your peers, students or faculty members, to achieve?

Are you ready to submit your contribution? Here are a few useful guidelines and ideas you may want to focus on:

DBA students are free to write an article related to their thesis, if they so wish. Why did you choose that specific subject? What is the best book in your bibliography and why? What recommendations would you like to share with your peers? Any research or writing tips?

MAIED students learn International Education and might want to write a page about education (learning and teaching) in the future and across boundaries and cultures – what would the future world of education look like?

All students, alumni and faculty members are invited to write an article and should feel free to use their imagination and creativity!

Submissions can also include visual supports such as drawings, graphics (mindmap anyone?) and pictures for example; texts should be between 1 and 2 pages long (APA style), in .doc or compatible format and must be sent to the Yearbook Coordinator, Mr. Bertrand Delaruelle.

We are looking forward to reading your articles and welcoming your contributions to the 2015 Horizons University Yearbook!


2015 Yearbook Call For Submissions!


The 2014-2015 Yearbook Cover

 With every new eventful year at Horizons University a new Yearbook is published and the year 2015 is no exception!

Our Yearbook team, lead by Bertrand Delaruelle, is at work again to collect and organize ideas, projects, visuals, interviews, texts… The adventure started earlier in September this year with the traditional training and brainstorming session that took place in Belgium this time. Our team came back invigorated by the many options and possibilities offered by this exceptional tool and means of preserving the memories of our institution.

We are offering you an insight into this year’s edition by revealing to you the 2015 Yearbook title and cover! “Ways to Teach and Ways to Learn” focuses on the flexibility of the teaching options – on-campus and online – and on the promotion of diversity at Horizons University, including diversity in learning. Horizons University strives to offer a flexible academic framework where the teaching and learning skills of its students and facilitators are shaped by the enriching variety of profiles and ideas.

As a Horizons University student or faculty member, you can participate in the making of the 2015 Yearbook by sending your submissions: photos, collages, short stories, testimonials and ideas – we welcome your input!

Make sure to contact our Yearbook Coordinator, Bertrand Delaruelle, who will be pleased to review your submissions.

We will be looking forward to hearing from you and to having you take part in the design of this brand new Horizons University Yearbook!

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