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Writing Center: A Smoother Process!


Back in October we announced the official launching of a brand new student service: the Horizons University Writing Center. The service has been up and running for three months now and is accessible from its very own page on Horizons University’s official website. We are working hard to study and implement the best ways to incorporate suggestions into the service and offer you customized guidance.

Within this framework, we have devised a Quotation Request Form: the Internet-based form is easily accessible, very straightforward to fill out and allows you to upload your file and submit your request with a simple click of the mouse. Your requests will reach us quickly and efficiently.

We believe the streamlined process will help you analyze and define your needs while giving the Writing Center Staff the possibility to offer the best editing options possible within an enhanced response time.

 One of our students, Lisa (Master’s in Cross-Cultural Communication) has been resorting to the Writing Center Services and shares her feedback with us:

“The Writing Center was a great opportunity for me to improve my writing
skills and get some help with the general editing of my assignments.
Especially for students whose mother tongue is not English, it is a great
offer to get some advice on what can be improved.  They also offer
assistance if you have doubts about your APA formatting which can be quite
helpful if you are not too familiar with the rules, yet. Even if you have
to pay a bit for their service, it is not too expensive and it is
well-–invested money!”

Let us know what you think too – are there any other editing services you would like to see implemented? – and what could further improve the process by leaving your comment here.