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Our Unique Methodology

Horizons University is on the cutting age of adult learning.  Imagine a fully accredited educational experience that you accomplish completely online… all at your own pace and in your own place!  Moreover, we are using cutting edge resources and technology.  In addition to simple phone or Skype conferences we are among the first to utilize a virtual campus via “Second Life”.   Second Life allows students to create virtual versions of themselves and enjoy a virtual campus experience… everything from browsing the library, hanging out in the quad or even a little soccer in the nearby field.  This is truly an amazing experience.

More importantly though we have a qualified and caring faculty, although rigorous in design, we also allow plenty of flexibility to make sure students learn, but can do so at their own pace.  Our unique methodology will allow you to build the practical skills you need whether you study entirely online or come to campus!

Based on the different learning style each prefers, our methodology is based on understanding knowledge, making links, applying it to reality and giving practical experience. Evaluation of work is based on logical and analytical skills, creative projects and practical application. Courses will confront your skills with real-life situations targeting your own areas of interest.


Our teaching method is based on a combination of reading, research and practical application. Students can therefore personalize their own learning experience by focusing on the areas they are most interested in.

The evaluation of work is based on practical projects where the student applies knowledge and skills in real case situations and simulations. Professionals can do part of their work using their professional experience and corporate setting to show how they put into practice what they learn.


The structure of a typical course will require students to read materials supplied by the university, study related materials, do some personal research on the topic (focusing on areas of personal interest). For each topic covered, the student prepares the answer to a test. The test consists of applying the skills in a given situation. For example, in a change management course, a test question can be: your company has merged with another one, you are the manager of a sales team and you face lack of motivation due to the change. What can you do?

In some courses, students are required to prepare projects where they can apply in a more complete way their newly acquired skills. For example, in a marketing course, students may be asked to create a company and a product or service and prepare a business plan.


Upon enrollment, students are given a personal access code to their web classroom. Course materials can be downloaded and work submitted to their professor in their virtual space. Students can access their grades and records any time.