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New HU iPhone App– Yes there is an app for that!

Have you downloaded our new Horizons University application for the iPhone?  You can find it free in the app store!  We will be trying to add additional functionality, so please share your comments and suggestions below.  Thanks!


























New HU App!

Horizons University strongly believes that the introduction of new technologies in the educational field will open up new opportunities for students around the world. Our latest project in the field is the launching of the Horizons University smartphone and iPad Application!

While controversy rages about the use of technological tools in class,
creativity and innovation are part of our vision and mission as they help
reach students wherever they are. Horizons University already fully leverages a wide array of tools and platforms such as Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Moodle and Second Life , but we decided to take the experience one step further! The design and launching of the dedicated application has been fueled by the strong belief that it will help students connect with the Institute, their studies and fellow students at all times simply by using tools that they know only too well and that very often belong to their everyday life: their phone or tablet.

The App has successfully been tested and is now available for iPhones (AppStore), Android (Android Market) phones and iPad (App Store). The free App will can be downloaded easily by everyone from the Internet. You do not need to be a student at Horizons University to benefit from its many features, but only enrolled students, staff and faculty members have access to the student portal and courses thanks to their HU username and password. Students now have direct access to their courses on the Moodle platform via the App, while being able to easily collaborate, publish and interact with their peers, faculty and staff members at all times. The App also offers the advantage of being easily upgraded, allowing new features and options to be added quickly.

You may share with us your feedback or suggestions on the App: simply leave a comment and we will be glad to reply to you!