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Horizons University joins the FEDE!

FEDE header

Ever since its creation in 1998, Horizons University has progressed towards the pursuit of quality in education. Within this context, we are proud to announce that we have now been accepted as a member of the FEDE, the European Federation of Schools (Fédération européenne des Ecoles). Horizons University shares the values promoted by this international non-governmental organization promoting the freedom of education and learning in the world and the creation of a European area fully dedicated to education. We have joined a strong professional network of over 600 educational institutions across Europe and the rest of the world and an organization that “benefits from a participatory status with the Council of Europe” (source).

The private status of Horizons University makes it a place to study apart from the mainstream public institutions in France. Our strong focus on online learning makes us a pioneer in distance education with a unique offer and a unique voice – think along the lines of our MA in Martial Arts or MBA in Martial Arts Management. Our role and aim is therefore to bring a new dimension to education and to foster new grounds for research and application. Thanks to the FEDE, we can further spread our motto – Education for Everyone Everywhere. The human values it carries bring life-changing education to the doors of an increasing amount of resourceful and talented people, helping them build their academic and professional projects while looking further ahead.

Students from all walks of life and from all over the world can now find Horizons University in the FEDE listing, together with a list of our programs offered online and on-campus.

We take this opportunity to thank the FEDE for welcoming us and look forward to our mutually enriching cooperation in the years to come!

Credits: from the FEDE official website.


2015 Yearbook Call For Submissions!


The 2014-2015 Yearbook Cover

 With every new eventful year at Horizons University a new Yearbook is published and the year 2015 is no exception!

Our Yearbook team, lead by Bertrand Delaruelle, is at work again to collect and organize ideas, projects, visuals, interviews, texts… The adventure started earlier in September this year with the traditional training and brainstorming session that took place in Belgium this time. Our team came back invigorated by the many options and possibilities offered by this exceptional tool and means of preserving the memories of our institution.

We are offering you an insight into this year’s edition by revealing to you the 2015 Yearbook title and cover! “Ways to Teach and Ways to Learn” focuses on the flexibility of the teaching options – on-campus and online – and on the promotion of diversity at Horizons University, including diversity in learning. Horizons University strives to offer a flexible academic framework where the teaching and learning skills of its students and facilitators are shaped by the enriching variety of profiles and ideas.

As a Horizons University student or faculty member, you can participate in the making of the 2015 Yearbook by sending your submissions: photos, collages, short stories, testimonials and ideas – we welcome your input!

Make sure to contact our Yearbook Coordinator, Bertrand Delaruelle, who will be pleased to review your submissions.

We will be looking forward to hearing from you and to having you take part in the design of this brand new Horizons University Yearbook!

Drawing Inspiration: Mindmapping your projects


When faced with a new challenge – writing an essay, putting a powerpoint together, presenting your new budget campaign, organizing a survey campaign – you might not know where to start. After all, there is so much to think about, so many ideas coming into your head or sent your way (if you are lucky)!

With a sheet of white paper sneering at you and your pen poised in mid-air, you are stuck.

Have you thought about drawing the entire process, your ideas as they come to you instead of trying to put everything in a linear succession of words and sentences? After all, drawing what we see has been part of human history from the very beginning of humanity: think about the Lascaux cave paintings…

We are not suggesting you go back to the Paleolithic Age, but that you tap into one of the most natural resources of your very own brain: spontaneous graphic thinking. The goal is to extract those ideas from your brain, jotting them down as shapes, images, doodles, lines, colors and slowly connecting these visuals to expose their logical influence on each other. This powerful and creative process can be defined as a graphic note-taking tool based on visuals instead of  linear, more monotonous and restrictive lists or texts. We seem to remember images more easily since they resort to a series of skills that, when acting together, make for perfect triggers of association.

Think about the popular saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. A picture is a powerful quick tool to use whether you are a student or a professor. It is easy to memorize and recall, particularly useful for people who tend to learn visually and helps summarizing and structuring skills and ideas.

What are its applications? You can use it to brainstorm, to set-up strategy and decision-making processes, to organize project management sessions, storyboarding presentations, or to plan research and content optimization…

Knowing that “research has shown that developing mind maps increases thinking, memory and learning skills”(1), wouldn’t you like to give it a try? Have you used mind mapping already, as a student or as a professor? What were the benefits?

(1) Johanna Brams, MSEdT, Lehigh University

Credits: Horizons University

Horizons University FAQ page for Germany


Under the aegis of Horizons University, our Honorary Professor, Dr. Markus Bachbauer,  is launching and supervising our first dedicated FAQ page aimed at the German market.

Why Germany?

We have realized that various discussions and questions about Horizons University, its status and other aspects started throughout the Internet and especially on German education sites. In order to answer them in the best way possible, we decided to set up a German FAQ site called The FAQ site is also optimized for small devices like handhelds and smartphones:


The idea is to collect and answer all relevant questions and provide a reliable addition to the existing FAQ section of Horizons University official Internet site (English page).

As always, we would appreciate your comments and feedback regarding our new FAQ page in this space! Happy FAQ reading in the meantime.

HU in the NEWS

Wow!  We are the featured article in the ECBE  (European Council of Business Education) newsletter.


School is Back in Session!

Hello All-

Well it was a short Summer, wasn’t it?  Fall is here and many are returning back to school.  Have you considered getting that degree that you have always wanted; or are you concerned about the economy and your employment prospects?  One way to advance your career is to advance your education.
Have you considered getting an…

  • BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration)
  • MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
  • DBA (Doctors in Business Administration)

Or How about a…

  • Masters in International Education?
  • Masters in French?
  • Masters in Cross-Cultural Communication

Have you ever considered an

  • MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) in Filmmaking
  • Masters in Martial Arts


So what is your excuse?  Too busy?  How about a flexible time-frame, built around your schedule!

Too expensive?  How about tuition rates among the lowest in world!
There are many reasons to consider a degree from Horizons University… take a look!

NEW! Martial Arts Management

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