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Nouvelles TOP

Le 7 mars 2015, Paris a accueilli le Festival des Arts Martiaux pour célébrer la diversité et la richesse des arts martiaux dans la prestigieuse salle du Palais des Congrès. Depuis 1985 et encore maintenant, le festival rassemble chaque année plus de 15 000 spectateurs, des professionnels comme des amateurs. Ils se retrouvent pour partager leur passion et leur savoir, cet événement leur permet de se plonger dans une atmosphère unique, magique et pleine d’énergie.

Le festival a été l’opportunité pour Horizons University de présenter ses programmes en Arts Martiaux (MBA et MA), ainsi que la société honorifique internationale TauOmegaPi (TOP), l’unique au monde dédiée aux arts martiaux.


Et si nous vous expliquions ? Les trois lettres sont “Tau” pour le Talent, “Omega” pour l’Encouragement et “Pi” pour la Passion. La Société Honorifique TOP a été fondée en 2012 par Horizons University : véritable réseau à échelle mondiale, elle s’adresse aux personnes brillantes qui étudient et pratiquent les arts martiaux.

Lors de ce festival dans la capitale, Horizons University a eu la chance de rencontrer des artistes martiaux et des fans venant du monde entier, des défenseurs talentueux et motivés de ces disciplines, prêts à promouvoir les valeurs des arts martiaux à travers le monde.

Si vous désirez rejoindre cette communauté et en savoir plus sur le MBA en Management des Arts Martiaux et la MA en Arts Martiaux de Horizons University, contactez le Bureau des Admissions. Afin d’adresser votre candidature à la filiale de la Société Honorifique TOP, veuillez contacter le Bureau des candidatures TOP.

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Photos :

#1 Festival des Arts Martiaux
#2 Horizons University

TOP News: Martial Arts Festival in Paris

On March 7, 2015, Paris welcomed the Martial Arts Festival (Festival des Arts Martiaux). The event celebrated the variety and richness of martial arts in the French capital, in the prestigious Palais des Congrès venue. Every year since 1985 now, the festival has gathered over 15,000 spectators, from professionals to amateurs, who gather to share their passion and knowledge, and are ready to dive into the unique, magic and energy-filled atmosphere of the event.

The festival was the perfect opportunity for Horizons University to present its Martial Arts programs (MBA and Master’s) and to introduce the audience to the groundbreaking international honorary society TauOmegaPi (TOP), the only one fully dedicated to martial arts in the world.


The three letters are “Tau” for Talent, “Omega” for Encouragement and “Pi” for Passion. Founded in 2012 by Horizons University, TOP Honor Society is a global network of the top and brightest individuals studying and practicing a wide array of Martial Arts disciplines.

During the festival held in Paris, Horizons University had the great opportunity to meet martial artists and aficionados from all over the world, talented and motivated sports advocates who are ready to promote the martial arts values around the world.

Should you wish to join this community and learn more about Horizons University Martial Arts Management MBA and Martial Arts Master’s degrees, do contact our Admissions office; in order to request an application form to join the TOP Honor Society Chapter, please contact the TOP Applications office.

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#1 Festival des Arts Martiaux
#2 Horizons University

Time to Order Your HU Yearbook

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Congratulations Horizons University Class of 2012!

by Allison Draper

This past Sunday, June 24, 2012, Horizons University students gathered with friends, family, and faculty to celebrate their hard earned achievements at this year’s graduation ceremony. Held on the top floor of a Parisian café, the event was the perfect opportunity for the graduates to get to meet and converse with other students and faculty members. Everyone was able to indulge in a wonderful array of food and desserts, as well as some celebratory champagne after the diplomas were awarded.

In addition to the degrees, membership to the prestigious Sigma Beta Delta, an international honor society for business, was given to the outstanding students who qualified to join. HU faculty members Edgard Dayan and Eric Pallier were also honored with membership. Acceptance to Sigma Beta Delta is a great achievement and we are proud to have new members from HU! Before the diplomas were presented, guest speaker Bryan Holden, Executive Director of the European Council for Business Education (accreditation agency that recognizes our business degrees) gave a short speech about the importance of continuing education and reminded us that graduation is not the end, but in fact the beginning of a journey of lifelong learning.

Roberta Grossi then distributed the degrees to the students who happily accepted their recognition. The ceremony was a great way for everyone at Horizons University to connect with one another and celebrate and recognize our recent grads. Congrats!

Here are some pics from the Event… Congratulations to all!!

New! MBA in Martial Arts

The Master of Business Administration in Martial Arts Management

This specialized MBA is a two-year course of study (45 credit hours) offered entirely online with optional residencies. This hands-on, project driven program prepares the aspiring international martial artist to manage dojos and events across borders. You can take optional residencies to accelerate your program.

This program blends business skills and martial arts preparing the student to manage a dojo or events at the international level.

Professors are world and national champions in their discipline; they are certified martial arts trainers and are very active in the business of martial arts. They all have over 20 years of experience in managing martial arts events, and own one or more dojos.

Curriculum Highlights

Martial arts and International business skills will open a new world of opportunities.

Open branches of your dojo around the world, manage international martial arts events, learn how to earn international recognition and expand your action span.

KOTA.PROKota Partner

Our partner KOTA brings our virtual dojo to your home. Train while you study and earn ranks recognized all over the world.  Enrolling in a KOTA.PRO program adapted to your skills and through the Internet, you will satisfy internship requirements.

Year One

Leadership of Contemporary Business Organizations

Leadership skills for a contemporary world in constant change. Lead and generate new paradigms.

International Marketing

Essential skills for the international entrepreneur. New trends, cultural considerations, economic challenges are studied and practiced

Cross-Cultural Communication

Understand cultural differences to communicate more effectively across borders and in your own country.

Human Resource Management

Recruiting, training, managing, supporting, advising and managing careers are major tasks that require a special attention when managing a business.


By the end of the year the thesis project has to be approved by the supervisor.



Year Two

Martial Arts Management

Create your re-create your dojo to upgrade your practice and to offer a unique experience to your students.

Martial Arts Communication Skills

How do you motivate? How do you give feedback? Keeping your students interested is also an art, and to recruit more a skill.

Comparative Martial Arts

Advising students to choose their martial art is a responsibility. Looking into the different angles of martial arts will give you a new perspective and an innovative approach to advising and adapting yourself.

Martial Arts in Competition

Competitions in martial arts do not have the same spirit as in other sports. Learn the psychological component of preparing and participating in any type of martial art event.


Create your unique project under the supervision of a faculty member.



For more information or to enroll…

Watch for more news soon…

TOP Honor Society

MBA Martial Arts from Horizons UniversityMartial Arts students and professionals have the exceptional talent to harmoniously fine-tune body and spirit to reach a balanced self-control. They inspire trust while raising curiosity and motivating others to follow their teachings and follow their passions. Horizons University strongly believes that their vision and mission should find its match in the educational world!

This is why, in combination with the launching of the MBA in Martial Arts, Horizons University is also founding a new Honor Society dedicated to the Martial Arts field and the first one of its kind: the Martial Arts Honor Society Tau Omega Pi, also known as the TOP Honor Society.

The three GreMBA Martial Arts from Horizons Universityek letters TΩΠ (T O P) stand for:


Being a pioneer in Martial Arts education at the university level, and currently working on a joint program with a leading university in the US for its sports degree programs, the creation of an honor society seemed to be the necessary next step to reach more universities and create a world-class group of martial art students and practitioners.

The TOP mission includes the following:

  • Promoting excellence,
  • Acknowledging personal commitment and investment,
  • Promoting Martial Arts studies,
  • Offering a top-class world network,
  • Honoring and awarding individual talents,
  • Honoring and awarding successful clubs.

Some of the TOP Honor Society activities include regular community meetings and get-togethers, participating in international conferences, promoting and organizing cultural events on martial arts and setting up of a shared database on martial arts techniques.

Horizons University is seeking to open chapters in American Universities, dojos around the world and create a worldwide community of outstanding martial arts students and professionals.

To find out more about TOP Honor Society, visit our official sites and register for its Newsletter: (French site) (American site– Coming Soon)

Breaking News… HU now listed as SBD Chapter!

Exciting News! Horizons University is now listed as a Chapter of the Sigma Beta Delta

What does membership in Sigma Beta Delta mean?

Membership in Sigma Beta Delta is the highest national recognition a business student can receive at a college or university with a Sigma Beta Delta chapter. To be eligible for membership, a business student must rank in the upper 20 percent of the junior, senior or master’s class and be invited to membership by the faculty officers.


The purposes of Sigma Beta Delta are to encourage and recognize scholarship and achievement among students of business, management and administration, and to encourage and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.
Meaning of Sigma Beta Delta

Sigma is the initial letter of the Greek word for wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge gained over time, analyzed and used with discernment. Wisdom is not merely information, but allows one to acknowledge information, consider its validity and relevance, and then incorporate into one’s own life what is appropriate.

Beta is the initial letter of the Greek word for honor. Honor is a personal quality of the highest value. Honorable persons are held in esteem, considered to be trustworthy, and admired by others because they live a life that is worthy of such recognition. Honorable persons have chosen to live a life that is bound by integrity and ethical decision-making. They respect others and are willing to provide leadership to the benefit of humankind.

Delta is the initial letter of the Greek word for the pursuit of meaningful aspirations. Persons of wisdom and honor must aspire to a course to achieve their objectives, for goals without action are no more fulfilling than action without goals. To aspire toward the fulfillment of one’s goals to serve humankind and develop personally and professionally will lead to a life of meaning and satisfaction.

Sigma Beta Delta was established to honor students who have attained superior records in business programs in schools and colleges with regional accreditation.