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Horizons University joins the FEDE!

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Ever since its creation in 1998, Horizons University has progressed towards the pursuit of quality in education. Within this context, we are proud to announce that we have now been accepted as a member of the FEDE, the European Federation of Schools (Fédération européenne des Ecoles). Horizons University shares the values promoted by this international non-governmental organization promoting the freedom of education and learning in the world and the creation of a European area fully dedicated to education. We have joined a strong professional network of over 600 educational institutions across Europe and the rest of the world and an organization that “benefits from a participatory status with the Council of Europe” (source).

The private status of Horizons University makes it a place to study apart from the mainstream public institutions in France. Our strong focus on online learning makes us a pioneer in distance education with a unique offer and a unique voice – think along the lines of our MA in Martial Arts or MBA in Martial Arts Management. Our role and aim is therefore to bring a new dimension to education and to foster new grounds for research and application. Thanks to the FEDE, we can further spread our motto – Education for Everyone Everywhere. The human values it carries bring life-changing education to the doors of an increasing amount of resourceful and talented people, helping them build their academic and professional projects while looking further ahead.

Students from all walks of life and from all over the world can now find Horizons University in the FEDE listing, together with a list of our programs offered online and on-campus.

We take this opportunity to thank the FEDE for welcoming us and look forward to our mutually enriching cooperation in the years to come!

Credits: from the FEDE official website.