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Website Makeover for HU

Have you checked out our new website? Let me know what you think!


ECBE Budapest by Roberta Grossi, Founder HU

Budapest – May 27-29
 Accreditation for Horizons University
Roberta Grossi and Virpi de Oliveira attended the annual ECBE (European
Council for Business Education) conference where they received the
official accreditation for the BBA, MBA and DBA programs. The ceremony
took place at the Academy of the Arts and Sciences in central Budapest
after a pleasant boat trip on the Danube.
The weekend was filled with meetings and social gatherings and it was a
great opportunity to establish new potential partnerships. A few
well-established universities demonstrated interest in our innovative and
practical programs and, as a consequence, Horizons University is working
on the creation of new joint degree programs with American and
International universities.
Roberta Grossi also presented a paper on Virtual Mobility, sharing with
other members its experience in distance learning and new technology.
Starting this Fall, new online seminars will become available on our
Second Life 3D virtual campus.
At the end of June, Horizons University will also be present in
Indianapolis to receive the official candidacy status from ACBSP, the
Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, a CHEA recognized
Horizons University is now listed under the accredited institutions in the
ECBE website:
And as candidate for accreditation in the ACBSP website:

Our Unique Methodology

Horizons University is on the cutting age of adult learning.  Imagine a fully accredited educational experience that you accomplish completely online… all at your own pace and in your own place!  Moreover, we are using cutting edge resources and technology.  In addition to simple phone or Skype conferences we are among the first to utilize a virtual campus via “Second Life”.   Second Life allows students to create virtual versions of themselves and enjoy a virtual campus experience… everything from browsing the library, hanging out in the quad or even a little soccer in the nearby field.  This is truly an amazing experience.

More importantly though we have a qualified and caring faculty, although rigorous in design, we also allow plenty of flexibility to make sure students learn, but can do so at their own pace.  Our unique methodology will allow you to build the practical skills you need whether you study entirely online or come to campus!

Based on the different learning style each prefers, our methodology is based on understanding knowledge, making links, applying it to reality and giving practical experience. Evaluation of work is based on logical and analytical skills, creative projects and practical application. Courses will confront your skills with real-life situations targeting your own areas of interest.


Our teaching method is based on a combination of reading, research and practical application. Students can therefore personalize their own learning experience by focusing on the areas they are most interested in.

The evaluation of work is based on practical projects where the student applies knowledge and skills in real case situations and simulations. Professionals can do part of their work using their professional experience and corporate setting to show how they put into practice what they learn.


The structure of a typical course will require students to read materials supplied by the university, study related materials, do some personal research on the topic (focusing on areas of personal interest). For each topic covered, the student prepares the answer to a test. The test consists of applying the skills in a given situation. For example, in a change management course, a test question can be: your company has merged with another one, you are the manager of a sales team and you face lack of motivation due to the change. What can you do?

In some courses, students are required to prepare projects where they can apply in a more complete way their newly acquired skills. For example, in a marketing course, students may be asked to create a company and a product or service and prepare a business plan.


Upon enrollment, students are given a personal access code to their web classroom. Course materials can be downloaded and work submitted to their professor in their virtual space. Students can access their grades and records any time.

Breaking News!! Horizons University Accreditation is Now Official

HU Press 28 May 2011:

Here are some pictures from this historic event… HU Accreditation of the BBA, MBA and DBA programs. Story coming soon!


Triple Play-- BBA, MBA and DBA accredited

“A Rose Among the Thorns”…. Our founder Roberta Grossi poses with the Accreditation Team in Budapest!

The Rose Among the Thorns

Roberta enjoying a little down-time after receiving ECBE Accreditiation!

Not sure what an ECBE is???  It stands for European Council for Business Education.   Click here for more information:

4 Things an MBA Could Learn From an MFA program

Here are some interesting points from the Harvard Business Review:

1. How to take criticism. In a writing workshop, each writer must remain silent while others discuss his work. This rule allows him to hear what people say, rather than distracting himself by preparing his defense. Train yourself to listen openly to all criticism. Then wait until you’ve had a chance to reflect before deciding which suggestions to follow and which to ignore.

2. What motivates people. Everyone’s mix of motives is unique and complex. The more you can intuit the secret desires that drive a person (whether a fictional character or a colleague or your boss), the better you can predict what she’s going to do next. If you figure out what motivates the people who report to you, you’ll be able to tailor incentives for each individual.

3. How to engage your audience. Good fiction writers know how to involve readers in acts of collaborative imagination. Readers like to be challenged — part of the pleasure is guessing the murderer’s identity before being told — but if they can’t follow the plot, they get frustrated. Companies competing in the experience economy need to get this balance right. Customers, like readers, do not like to be bored or confused. They like to feel smart and creative and listened to. That’s one reason companies that involve their customers in idea generation, like Dell, Staples, and BMW, rate highly in customer loyalty.

Knowing how to keep your team engaged is an important skill for all managers, but it’s critical if you want to succeed at innovation. Again, involving team members in the creative process is the key.

4. When to let go of good ideas. Or, as writers like to say, kill your darlings. An idea may be great on its own, but if it doesn’t serve your larger venture, you have to be ruthless and cut it. Brilliant but misplaced ideas can derail a project or keep you from seeing bigger, better solutions. It can be almost impossible to recognize your own darlings. Writers have editors to point them out. In the business world, look for honest feedback from colleagues you trust.

At Horizons University we are interested in your whole-brain and wish to provide a meaningful educational experience no matter if you are left-brained or right-brained.   We will be announcing a new MFA program to compliment our already successful MBA program.  We will be making an announcement very soon, so check back or better yet– subscribe to our blog.

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about the MFA versus the MBA…please feel free to leave a comment below.

Ready for a Yearbook?

HORIZONS UNIVERSITY is proud to announce that its first Yearbook is now ready. 48 pages! Pictures! Celebrities! Locations! Memories! Events! Surprises! The year 2010-2011 was a very good year for Horizons University. Discover, share and keep track of its highlights thanks to this book.

This year’s theme is “World in colors”. The Yearbook is divided into 5 parts covering every aspect of Horizons University’s life:

  • “Choose your tools”
  • “Color picker”
  • “The master’s work”
  • “Color patchwork”
  • “Beyond the palette”

It will be available in early June but you can already book your copy. It costs 35€ (shipping costs: 8€ for Europe and 10€ for the rest of the world). You can pay in cash, by check or PayPal (2€ extra in the latter case).

You can find the downloadable order form (a pdf with active zones) here:


To order the Yearbook, print it, fill it in and send it:

– Either by email to the following address:

– Or by mail to the following address: 5, rue de Béarn 75003 Paris

Should you have any question, please contact our Administration Officer, Mr. Bertrand Delaruelle, at the following email address:

HORIZONS UNIVERSITY is proud of you all and shows it, be proud of your university and show it too!

The Yearbook Team