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Top 5 Apps for Students


We are living in a world that is now partly real, partly virtual. That is, the virtual world is an essential component of our real world (not sure it works the other way around). At Horizons University, we like to leverage all the options that the virtual world offers, starting with the tech tools that can help (real) students – online or on-campus – plan, write, think, visualize, organize while having fun!

Our Top 5 Apps for Students:

Moodle (iPhone – Android)

Moodle is the online learning portal used by Horizons University. All our enrolled students receive their login details in order to access all their courses, 24/7. The Moodle App is a great way to carry the classroom everywhere with you – and it is free!

Evernote (iPad – iPhone – Mac)

Evernote is a great way to organise, search, find, schedule and share pretty much everything: from slides to screenshots, planners to pictures, this versatile app will help you keep track all that needs to be done/read/written, your favorite articles and pictures and all that interests you and requires action in order to map a great productive year. This app is free.

BambooPaper (iPad – Android)

This is a notebook where your stylus meets a screen: you can draw, jot down notes, sketch, import/export pictures, edit pictures, write block text or just handwrite any idea that comes to your mind. You can then share your notebook with fellow students via Windows, iOS or Android, or export them to cloud services or a great number of social media. The app is free.

iTunesU (iPad)

Dedicated to education, this is a powerful and rich iTunes-based platform where you can easily search, download and play an array of educational content: audio, video, and PDFs. Thanks to this free app, students can access resources quickly and easily. (iPhone – iPad – iPod Touch)

No more bulky dictionaries to carry around, this (free) one is at your fingertips! This handy app provides you with definitions based on and, and you can even search the database offline!

What do you think of our top 5 selection? What are your favorite apps? Share your favorites with us and help us build a reference list!