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Prepare your Application Record + FREE download

You’ve chosen your program, you are ready to go for it and yet, in all your joy and excitement at starting something new, something for yourself, something that will make you grow and push the boundaries of your learning experience, you are not sure that all the required documents are in the application record you are about to submit to Horizons University.

The first thing you can do to touch the ground again is to visit the Horizons University website: this is a repository of readily available information on application (and much more), from Admissions Requirements, to Program Descriptions and Tuition & Fees page, to the Admissions Process clearly explained via an easy to remember visual that breaking down every step of the procedure for you.

Checking our Q&A section on the website is certainly another useful step towards the success of your application: students before you have asked many questions, you will and so will other students after you – we value your questions and feedback. And so do your peers. This is why we have compiled a list of the most recurring questions and our answers with the objective of collecting valuable and practical guidelines for all our prospects and students, based on everyone’s feedback and experience with us.

Should you need someone to talk to, we are available for you via email, skype, phone – you decide!

And if you need something practical to take notes on and tick away with unstoppable satisfaction as you gather the items required to make up your application record, we have what you need, panic no longer, sweat no more. It is as easy as our FREE downloadable check-list where the essentials to get you there are conveniently listed on one single page. So, do you want it? Get ready to click:



Time to Enroll!


Do you think you are too late for university enrollment? Well, certainly not at Horizons University!

In our supportive literature we do mention the adjective “flexible” and there are good reasons for us to do so, one of them being that we accept applications on a rolling basis to all our online degrees.

Practically speaking, this means you can contact our Admissions Office anytime during the year or during your current study project to plan your next steps with us. We will take the time to share with you general information about your preferred program, to study your application record and find the best option for you, tailored to your need. Applications can be sent via email at or via the Internet by following this link: You will even be able to  begin the application, save, and come back to it at a later time!

There’s more: students willing to enroll in our on-campus programs (BBA, MBA and DBA) can do so whenever they wish keeping in mind that they will enroll either for the Fall (October) or the Winter (January) session. Again, the best way to contact us is to reach the Admissions Office.

We are ready to welcome you at Horizons University, anytime!