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PACKING LIGHTWhen summer comes, travel plans are in the air with long-haul or short trips on every corner. Today we are sharing with you a few practical trips as you prepare for a short summer trip that will take you back to your family, or away to a new capital you wish to discover while going on a job interview.

Our first piece of advice is to pack using a carry-on – whenever possible: this will help you avoid luggage registration and a long line once you reach your destination airport – not to mention the stress induced by the fear of losing that piece of luggage and all its much needed contents. Carry-ons also offer limited space, forcing you to only take the essential items along.

Our second piece of advice is to PLAN: it does not really matter whether you plan a week ahead or a few hours ahead, as long as you sketch some kind of plan in your head by asking yourself the following questions:

-How many days will you be away?

-What are the weather conditions to destination (are you going to Iceland in the heart of winter, or down south during the monsoon season)?

-Any special occasions that would require special attire?

Once these criteria are identified, you may start the actual packing following the simple technique of interfolding larger items (trousers, pullovers etc.) and rolling the smaller ones (socks, underwear) in your shoes . Note that interfolding is extremely efficient, unless you plan on stopping along your trip and taking things out of your carry-on. If you are planning on packing a t-shirt/shirt/pullover a day, you may want to deduct two and you’ll be closer to your actual needs. Place (sock-filled) shoes at the bottom of your suitcase and from there start interfolding and rolling clothes  to ensure that they do not move around too much in your carry-on – which in turn means that you will arrive at destination with wrinkle and crease-free garments.

If, like me, you tend to start by making a list of books you intend to read during the months ahead, investing in a Kindle device may well be a travel savior! I would also not recommend carrying around your laptop: as thin and efficient as it may be, it does not match a tablet. Should you need to write away all summer to finish your dissertation or the book of your dreams, you may want to consider a bluetooth keyboard…

Keeping these practical considerations in mind and willing to help you along the way with the rest of the essentials , we have prepared a quick check-list for you to use.

Are you ready to download and start traveling light?

Free checklist action buttonHappy summer reading-learning-teaching to all of you!

Credits: DeathToTheStockPhoto (edited by Horizons University)

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