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In November 2014 we announced the creation fo the Horizons University Press page on our official website.We are now proud to present to you the brand new Horizons University Press website, freshly launched to cover the books published by our press service. Each book is presented with an image of its cover and a summary of its contents to give you a detailed presentation. By clicking on the book title, you access its detailed page where you can create your account, shop by adding items to your basket and buy them directly online. Horizons University Press ships worldwide. There are three categories of products available at the moment: the HUP Journal, Publications and Textbooks.

Would you like to publish in the Horizons University Global Business Review? Make sure you read our editorial policy and submit your texts, via the site and the dedicated page, or contact the Editor of the journal. The aim of the review is to ensure intellectual enlightenment throughout the international academic community.

Our aim is to make publishing easy and efficient for you!

Credits: Horizons University (Mug available in the e-shop)


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