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On March 7, 2015, Paris welcomed the Martial Arts Festival (Festival des Arts Martiaux). The event celebrated the variety and richness of martial arts in the French capital, in the prestigious Palais des Congrès venue. Every year since 1985 now, the festival has gathered over 15,000 spectators, from professionals to amateurs, who gather to share their passion and knowledge, and are ready to dive into the unique, magic and energy-filled atmosphere of the event.

The festival was the perfect opportunity for Horizons University to present its Martial Arts programs (MBA and Master’s) and to introduce the audience to the groundbreaking international honorary society TauOmegaPi (TOP), the only one fully dedicated to martial arts in the world.


The three letters are “Tau” for Talent, “Omega” for Encouragement and “Pi” for Passion. Founded in 2012 by Horizons University, TOP Honor Society is a global network of the top and brightest individuals studying and practicing a wide array of Martial Arts disciplines.

During the festival held in Paris, Horizons University had the great opportunity to meet martial artists and aficionados from all over the world, talented and motivated sports advocates who are ready to promote the martial arts values around the world.

Should you wish to join this community and learn more about Horizons University Martial Arts Management MBA and Martial Arts Master’s degrees, do contact our Admissions office; in order to request an application form to join the TOP Honor Society Chapter, please contact the TOP Applications office.

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#1 Festival des Arts Martiaux
#2 Horizons University

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