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On The Road With 4L!

After several days without internet, our team in the 4L Trophy, was able to reconnect and share the latest information about their progress with us!

Despite some technical difficulties in the early stages of the Rally in the south of France, Cécile and Romain managed to take the ferry to Tangier where they could follow the convoy to Boulajoul.

Three intense days followed in which they performed their first loop on the slopes of the desert! Even though they still had some breakdown reaching the rendezvous point, the tenacity of the other competitors and the valuable assistance of the technical teams on site were able to help fix the issues and allow our team to take part in these obstacles the Association’s “Children of the Desert ” Day.

“In the morning we took part in the construction of a playground for children in the orphaned village of Rissani. Cécile painted beautiful murals, and I helped dig holes and pour the concrete for installing swings and slides. ( …) Then, in the afternoon, we visited schools built by the Association. These days meeting the children were full of emotion,”tells Roman.

Due to the fragile nature of the car’s chassis, the duo is now traveling overland on the roadway and will rejoin the Rally in Marrakech.

Don’t worry! Morale is good, and Romain tells us that “The scenery is really beautiful, and despite all these minor issues, we are pleased to participate in this rewarding experience.”

See you soon for more!


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