Education for Everyone Everywhere

Marhilda Association New Page

In compliance with of our vision to provide “Education for Everyone Everywhere”, Horizons University students may be eligible for scholarships through the Marhilda Association. The association was created to support talented students, including non-traditional students, who seek to advance their education but live in remote areas of the world and do not have access to schools because of lack of funds and/or preferred majors or schools.

So far, in order to apply for a scholarship, students were directed towards a separate Marhilda website. Horizons University is pleased to announce that it has now integrated the official Marhilda website onto its own website, making the process smoother and more consistent! Under the Tuition tab students can now find all the pieces of information and guidelines they need regarding finances: Fees and Financial Aid.

How does the association select students? Essentially based on two main criteria: financial need and potential academic success. The University earmarks its registration fees (60€ per student) to help fund the Marhilda Association. Overall, Marhilda Association’s financial resources originate as gifts, donations and dues from four different sources: individuals, companies, alumni and Horizons University students. This non-profit, private organization generally provides one or two full or partial scholarships per year to qualified online Horizons University applicants.

 Would you like to find out more? Hop over to the Marhilda Association page on Horizons University‘s official website!


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