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First Word: Resolutions


If there is one single word blooming out there at the moment despite the wave of cold sweeping over our countries, it has got to be this one: resolutions.

As we happily step into the new year, this word is inevitable both in real and virtual life. Truth be told, I have never liked it, and possibly this is one of the reasons I will now face it, embrace it and see what possible tips I can share with you to do the same and stick to those resolutions. It cannot hurt, right?

Stop procrastinating. I would start by stopping procrastinating giving resolutions a bit of space in our lives. Maybe we could just rename them to turn them into more friendly beings: objectives, projects, dreams? What do you think? Procrastinating is possibly what’s holding you back. You have always wanted to enroll in the program of your dreams, got this close to doing it by then started fiddling around with your transcripts, forms to fill out etc. Stop. Fill those out and just focus to achieve what you always wanted to achieve. Now!

Drop your fears. Will I be able to teach this class? I have never done this before? How will I make this course engaging? Will the students like and be responsive to the material I have prepared? I guess there is only one way of finding out: drop the fear cloak, show who you really are and what you are made of and go for it! Fearing one’s entourage or environment is a healthy thing; kids go through fears to grow, it is inevitable. It is part of our development pattern. At some point finding the courage and means to overcome them represents the next level. Let the game begin!

Set specific goals. Sometimes it can be difficult to see clearly among the flurry of tasks to accomplish on a daily basis. To get your feet back to the ground and let go of clutter and unnecessary or time-consuming processes, it might help to set yourselves specific goals. You said you were going to finish the Horizons University course within the 15-week study period? Then a zillion things came into the picture and distracted you? Time to refocus. Set two or three goals you can reach simultaneously, reschedule, contemplate priorities and other options to help you get there. I find that when setting goals that visualising them and the process to reach them is extremely helpful: why not start making bullet lists or to-do lists or jotting down a mindmap?

Take the holistic approach. We all live in an intricate environment where the professional and personal lives are intertwined and work (or should work) together hand in hand. To allow yourself to work and study in sound conditions and a sound, supportive environment, take the holistic approach: think about ways to learn better – maybe improving your diet, or exercising more?

Track your progression. The final tip to keep all this together is another organizational suggestion: to actually see how you are doing, whether you are going forward and reaching your goals (finances, food, fitness, projects…), follow your progression by keeping track of it. There are countless apps and tools out there to help you manage your own development, among them, we can suggest Trello (project management), Things (task management), MyFitnessPal and Waterlogged (health) because, remember, drinking is key to your brain, eating well too and being just a workaholic might not help your efficiency.

Tips to manage and hold on tight to those helpful resolutions depend largely on everyone’s experience, so feel free to share your feedback and suggestions so that we can all plan our successful year ahead in the best way possible! If you had to pick one word for the start of the year, which one would it be and why?

Credits: Background freebie via SubtlePatterns.


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