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Horizons University Press, a subsidiary of Horizons University of Paris, invites scholars to submit their work for publication in the premier edition of the Horizons University Global Business Review, Spring 2015. All manuscripts related to business in a global or cultural context are welcomed. We seek fresh, innovative approaches to the study of international business, management, market- ing, and finance, as well as international business communication, law, and other subjects with an international business focus including, but not limited to:

Meta-analyses or extensive literature reviews

Exploratory research

Case studies

Book reviews

Other types of scholarship which address business in an international context

Submissions are due by 15 December 2014. Manuscripts should be written according to APA Style (6th ed.) and should not exceed 25 pages excluding references and figures. English is the preferred language, but submissions in French are accepted. Times New Roman 12 font size should be used for all text. There is a $75 (60 Euros) submission fee for all articles accepted for publication. This fee will be waived for current graduate or undergradu- ate students.

Submissions will be blind-reviewed by internationally renowned members of HUP’s editorial board.

For additional information, please contact:

William Wardrope, Ph.D.

Publishing Editor Horizons University Press


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