Education for Everyone Everywhere

by Allison Draper

This past Sunday, June 24, 2012, Horizons University students gathered with friends, family, and faculty to celebrate their hard earned achievements at this year’s graduation ceremony. Held on the top floor of a Parisian café, the event was the perfect opportunity for the graduates to get to meet and converse with other students and faculty members. Everyone was able to indulge in a wonderful array of food and desserts, as well as some celebratory champagne after the diplomas were awarded.

In addition to the degrees, membership to the prestigious Sigma Beta Delta, an international honor society for business, was given to the outstanding students who qualified to join. HU faculty members Edgard Dayan and Eric Pallier were also honored with membership. Acceptance to Sigma Beta Delta is a great achievement and we are proud to have new members from HU! Before the diplomas were presented, guest speaker Bryan Holden, Executive Director of the European Council for Business Education (accreditation agency that recognizes our business degrees) gave a short speech about the importance of continuing education and reminded us that graduation is not the end, but in fact the beginning of a journey of lifelong learning.

Roberta Grossi then distributed the degrees to the students who happily accepted their recognition. The ceremony was a great way for everyone at Horizons University to connect with one another and celebrate and recognize our recent grads. Congrats!

Here are some pics from the Event… Congratulations to all!!


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