Education for Everyone Everywhere

View of the Campus... did you know you can fly in Second Life?

Have you ever longed for another life?  Wish you were better looking or in this case a better student?

Horizons University is committed to innovative and meaningful learning experiences for its students.  There are frequent requests for opportunities to meet and interact with other HU students all over the world.   Quite a challenge when live 1000s of miles apart or a half-dozen or more time zones.   Wouldn’t it be great if you could hang out with your fellow online students?

What would you talk about?

Your latest assignment?   Your professor?  Or perhaps your favorite band?  The possibilities are infinite.

Soon, we will be launching a campaign to get more students on registered on Second Life.

Not sure what Second Life is all about??

Simply put for us, it represents a complete virtual campus.  You will find, an administrative facility, student lounge, a library, several classrooms and even a pool and soccer field.  You start by creating an avatar ( a miniature cartoon version of yourself).  You will find a plethora of choices of hair color, styles, eye color, clothes, etc.  Once you have created your avatar you will also need to create a name.   I am Professorick Melody  and if you let me know when you will be on our virtual campus, I will make sure I am there to tour you around.

So what good is this?

It allows students to interact with professors, and other students.   It is our private location just for us HU folks!  In the near future, there will be presentations given on our Second Life (SL) campus and you will be invited to attend.   Classes can be held in any of the many classrooms.  Or you may just wish to have some fun and chat or have a virtual game of soccer with some of your classmates.  SL allows students and professors from anywhere in the world meet together.  In this way we can leverage some of the strengths of the classroom experience right from the comfort of your computer!

Horizons University Virtual Campus

Professorick lounging by the pool...aahhh

Call to action!

I would like to invite all current students to get setup in Second Life… explore a little, and I will invite you soon for our first social meeting!

So if you haven’t done so, follow this link to Second Life

Virtual Student Orientation coming soon!  See you there!


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