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TOP Honor Society

MBA Martial Arts from Horizons UniversityMartial Arts students and professionals have the exceptional talent to harmoniously fine-tune body and spirit to reach a balanced self-control. They inspire trust while raising curiosity and motivating others to follow their teachings and follow their passions. Horizons University strongly believes that their vision and mission should find its match in the educational world!

This is why, in combination with the launching of the MBA in Martial Arts, Horizons University is also founding a new Honor Society dedicated to the Martial Arts field and the first one of its kind: the Martial Arts Honor Society Tau Omega Pi, also known as the TOP Honor Society.

The three GreMBA Martial Arts from Horizons Universityek letters TΩΠ (T O P) stand for:


Being a pioneer in Martial Arts education at the university level, and currently working on a joint program with a leading university in the US for its sports degree programs, the creation of an honor society seemed to be the necessary next step to reach more universities and create a world-class group of martial art students and practitioners.

The TOP mission includes the following:

  • Promoting excellence,
  • Acknowledging personal commitment and investment,
  • Promoting Martial Arts studies,
  • Offering a top-class world network,
  • Honoring and awarding individual talents,
  • Honoring and awarding successful clubs.

Some of the TOP Honor Society activities include regular community meetings and get-togethers, participating in international conferences, promoting and organizing cultural events on martial arts and setting up of a shared database on martial arts techniques.

Horizons University is seeking to open chapters in American Universities, dojos around the world and create a worldwide community of outstanding martial arts students and professionals.

To find out more about TOP Honor Society, visit our official sites and register for its Newsletter: (French site) (American site– Coming Soon)


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