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In earlier posts we looked at the MFA as the MBA… per author Daniel Pink. We are seeing a trend of companies such as GM value the imaginative and right-brained thinkers normally associated with the arts.  But can artists run a complex organization?  Where have the MBAs taken us?  Is it time to re-think the value of and MFA?  Or is the answer somewhere in between?

No questions the value of an MBA (particularly the financial return), but perhaps, there are a few lessons that can be learned from us artistic types.

Here are 4 lessons an MBA might learn from an MFA:

1. How to take criticism

If you are a visual artist, performing artist or even a writer, your talent has grown and developed from solid criticism.  You may have thought about it as constructive feedback, but all and all your skin got toughened by this push to greatness.  You also learned an important lesson—some feedback needs to be ignored… you can’t please everyone, so incorporate or act on what you believe is most effective.

2. What motivates people

Artistic right-brained folks learn what interests  or excites their audience—whether it is a riveting novel, or multi-themed oil painting. The creative learns early the criticality or pleasing an audience.  If the work is a commissioned piece, then the endeavor focuses on the patron (think customer or colleague).

3. How to engage your audience

A good writer knows how to involve their readers, a good film-maker knows how to draw in their viewer, etc.  In either case, an engaged audience will be anxiously be trying to guess what is going to happen next.  Or the visual artist may draw an audience through rich colors and tones, or a provocative theme.  Involving and engaging your customers creates a sense of loyalty—a lesson that some companies are just now starting to learn.  Also, playwrights rarely work alone and must sooner or later connect with a creative team.  Perhaps composers, lyricists, directors, producers, etc… they know that involving team members in the creative process is the key to success.

4. When to let go of good ideas

Sometimes creative minds may come up with ideas that don’t seem to go anywhere, and through feedback they come to the realization that it may be time to stop.  Too often in the corporate world organizations will grab on to an idea like a bulldog and never let go until forced.  MFAs learn through experience that feedback from trusted colleagues or team members leads to perhaps better ideas.

So what do you think the answer is… What else could we learn from MBAs and MFAs?

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