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Want to be a Producer?

So you get an MFA in Filmmaking from Horizons University… what kind of jobs are there?

Well, you will find a plethora of job opportunities both within and outside of the film industry… but let’s start with the most obvious.

The Producers--Movie

The Producer

The most important person in Hollywood is the film producer. Becoming a film producer means you are shouldering a great deal of the headache associated with getting a film off the ground. From arranging suppliers for props and caterers for food services, to finding funding, the film producer does it all. They even find the right key personnel such as screenwriters and directors.

Sometimes the job of the film producer is easy; the screenplay or director, or even concept, sells itself. Other times, it is a nail-biting, stressful experience. Still, there are few film producers who regret becoming a film producer.

Hollywood Film Producer

If you want to become a film producer, then you should start off by doing your homework. If you imaging dining at Spago or rubbing elbows with Quentin Tarantino as a Hollywood film producer, then you should do some research homework to find out how the biggest names in the business made it there. Also look up their biography on IMDB, the Internet Movie Database. There is a wealth of information stored there and ready for you to access which can give you some insight on becoming a film producer.

An executive producer is another type of film producer, who is employed by a production company, television network or studio. They are responsible for generating new movie or TV show ideas and overseeing their development and production. They are typically accountable to the CEO of the studio, production company or network. Established independent producers often negotiate executive producer credits for projects they originate or endorse, for a fee. They develop these projects by cooperating with the network, production company or studio financing them.

Independent Film Producer

Independent film producers are a harried lot and can often work as hard, if not harder than a Hollywood film producer in getting their independent baby up and running. If you admire independent filmmaking and want to spend your career being an independent film producer, then you should look up the biography of a particular film producer who catches your eye. Learning how they began and how they made it is an excellent how-to manual for becoming a film producer of independent films. Also, watch any interviews or commentaries they might give; they will often tell the story of how they made a film happen, which will clue you in to the process.

Finally, it’s not so much what you know as who you know; networking is an important skill you will have to learn as a film producer. Find out who is working where and whether you can get your foot in the door as at least an associate producer. Take any job as long as it will teach you what you need to know and improve your network. The skills and connections you make while working for someone else are indispensable in becoming either an independent film producer or a Hollywood film producer.


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